Drainaway – Unblocking Drains

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Drainaway are always busy working in and around Birmingham unblocking even the worst drains, providing relief to many customers. Having a blocked drain can be an embarrassing problem that many leave, hoping it will go away. It sometimes does unblock for a short while, but it will eventually re-block and need an expert to tend to the problem. Drainaway are knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to drains. With over 20 years in the industry our engineers are able to quickly locate the problem and fix it for you. Call us today on 0794 361 3231 or 0333 222 5855

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Don’t flush baby wipes down your toilet!

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This picture shows why you shouldn’t flush baby wipes down your toilet! Where possible, dispose of wipes in a dustbin because if you flush them, they may end up blocking your drains and pipes like this lot did!  

Your Local Drainage Service

Emergency Drain Unblocking by Drainaway

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A blocked drain can be nothing short of a nightmare for many, often manifesting into a nasty blockage or even a pipe collapse. Don’t leave your drain problem, hoping it will fix itself. The majority of the time, even if the problem goes away for a while it will return at some point, be it a blocked toilet that won’t flush away properly or a sink that won’t drain. We can help with any drain related problem and with over 20 years experience, we have the knowledge to fix the problem quickly and effectively. From new drain installation in a new build home or drainage for […]

Cotton Buds

What not to flush down your toilet

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Modern sewers are not designed to cope with disposable products such as cotton buds. Cotton buds are not biodegradable and won’t break down quickly, it can take years for them to break down and in that time our sewers will become clogged with masses of cotton buds, baby wipes and other disposable items. This is why you should not flush cotton buds down your toilet, toilet pipes are narrow and can very quickly become blocked. Try where possible to place used cotton buds and disposable sanitary products in a bin. Below are a few other products that can take a […]


Blocked Drain? Call Drainaway for expert Local help

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If you have a blocked drain, blocked toilet or any drainage related problem, call Drainaway for expert assistance. We are open 24hours each day and offer an emergency call out service. If you are unsure what the exact issues is, don’t panic, you can call us for advice. Our engineers have over twenty years experience and are very knowledgeable in drains and drain related problems. We offer a Free Call Out service along with a No Fix = No Fee, and we do not charge VAT. Being a Local independent business, we pride ourselves on offering a five star service to […]