Drain Unblocking

Drain Unblocking Birmingham

A recent Before & After shot of work carried out by Drainaway.  If you have a blocked manhole, blocked drain or any other drainage issue. Call us today on 0333 222 5855 or 0794 361 3231.  We offer Fast Response, Fixed Prices and Free Call Out

Drain Repairs

Drain Repairs

One of the main services we undertake on a daily basis is Drain Repairs. As well as offering emergency drain unblocking we often find that the main causes of blocked drains are broken or collapsed drains, tree roots in drains or the wrong drainage pipe size or type has been installed among other issues, causing the drains to continually block. Although we can unblock your drains in an emergency, there is usually an underlying problem that is causing your drains to block that will need investigating and professional attention. Drainaway can provide an onsite Drain Camera CCTV survey and either […]


Blocked Toilet

Problems with your toilet not flushing away properly? When it doesn’t flush away properly or water rises to the top, you may have a blockage that needs professional attention. Many things can cause your toilet to block; flushing cotton buds, baby wipes, hair, or even too much toilet paper can cause a blockage. Drainaway can unblock your toilet quickly getting you back to normal in no time. Drainaway are local, independent drainage specialists offering a free 24/7 call out service, fixed prices and if we can’t fix your problem we won’t charge you. If you need a reliable professional, call […]


Tree roots in drain pipes

Tree roots cause damage to drains by cracking through them, growing underneath or over the pipe causing the drain to break or crack. You won’t know the damage is there until you start to experience problems with the facilities inside your home. This can start with a bad smell coming up through your sink pipes or your toilet begins to smell. You may try putting a chemical down the pipe to see if that helps rid the problem, but find that this doesn’t help at all. This is because no matter what you use, tree roots will just become more […]


Blocked Drain? Don’t Panic – Call Drainaway

If this happens to you, don’t panic! Drainaway are your local drainage specialists equipped with the latest technology to fix your drainage problems quickly and with minimal disruption. With over 20+ years industry experience we are knowledgeable, insured and fully qualified. We offer a free 24/7 call out service, offer fixed prices and if we can’t fix your problem we won’t charge you. If you need a reliable, professional local drainage service, call Drainaway on 0333 222 5855 or 0794 361 3231.